How to Fix Kodi Error (Streamango Pair)

File Hosts like Streamango have been the most reliable, consistent and longest running ones to provide for the latest movies and TV shows in almost every single Video Add-on in Kodi but due to this emerging popularity, as recent as June 1st, 2018 they have implemented a mechanism that requires pairing with them through their website to access any of their hosts from this website address streamango pair like and vidup tv pair . This is mostly because they gain no revenue on users accessing videos hosted by them on Kodi, so this allows them to gain some ad revenue to keep their services going and be able to host more shows and movies as well keep current ones up online.

Fix Stream Authorization Error on Kodi 

  • If you want to use a video add-on like Dogs Bollocks to view any movie or TV show in Kodi, then you will have to wait for sometime after clicking the desired movie or TV show you want to watch as it will take some time to load all the available servers.
  • Once all the servers have been loaded, the most reliable ones that are sure to work will be mentioned in the very top. Streamango will be one of these.
  • streamango 1
  • When you click Streamango server, you will get a Streamango pair error message which will say “https Streamango  com pair” Stream Authorization required.
  • Now you must go to which is officially made to help users stream videos hosted by Streamango on platforms like Kodi.
  • streamango 2
  • Click on I’m not a robot and solve the captcha if it provides one to assure you are a human and click pair below that.
  • streamango 3
  • You will get a message saying “Pairing Successful in a green box.
  • Pair
  • Now that your Streamango pair has been successful, you can enjoy streaming any Streamango link for the next 4 hours.
  • After 4 hours, if you wish to stream more links from streamango simply go to https Streamango com pair again and pair to extend the pairing for another 4 hours.

Is Pair safe?

Yes the pairing process in itself is safe since it only registers your IP like an entry in a register. It’s just pairing your IP with the providers to enable access. But is definitely not safe since we know that Kodi uses mainly copyrighted material like movies, tv shows, cartoons and sports available from any other source without taking right permissions. This process is definitely illegal and can cause copyright infringement problems. Thus, if you are accessing and streaming such data where internet illegality is looked up on very strictly and harshly, we would advise you to use a VPN which can mask your location and IP address and provide you with another one which uses a different location and allow you to safely stream.


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Streamango pair not working

If your https streamango com pair is not working, then most likely your ISP has blocked Streamango and thus not letting you access it properly and in fact pair with it. If this happens-

  • Use a VPN which can alter your IP address allowing you to access sites blocked by your ISP, and let you pair successfully with Streamango.
  • Use a different file host which works with your ISP like TheVideo or OpenLoad.
  • Check if Kodi might be interrupting the pairing. To do this go to Addons, now select Video Addons. Inside you will find Exodus, right click on it and select settings. Go to Playback and turn off the Hosters with Captcha option and Click Ok.

Know More About:

Streamango provides us with a lot of tv shows and movies in Kodi in a very simple manner with zero ads or lag. They definitely deserve to get some revenue out of it so they can keep their servers running and Streamango pairing it with Kodi is the most sensible way to do so as it helps them to bring us more reliable hosts for the newer shows and movies fast and also allow us to stream them with no buffer.

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After following the steps of this article, your error should be fixed now. If you still happen to have any queries regarding Streamango Pairing, do comment down below so that your issue is resolved immediately. Thank you and have a nice day!

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