How to Delete Bigo Live Account Permanently

If you have decided that Bigo Live no longer serves your interests or fits your lifestyle, you might be considering permanently deleting your account. While the platform offers an interactive space for live broadcasting and connecting with a global audience, the reasons for opting out can be as varied as privacy concerns, time management, or simply moving on to other platforms. Before initiating the account deletion process, it is essential to understand that this action is irreversible. Once your Bigo Live account is deleted, all the associated data, including your videos, followers, and personal information, will be permanently removed.

Key Takeaways

  • Permanent account deletion removes all data and cannot be reversed.
  • Settle any credits or balances before proceeding with account deletion.
  • Follow the app-specific steps accurately to ensure successful removal.

Before you decide to delete your Bigo Live account, it’s vital to be aware of the permanent effects this action will have on your data and access to the app.

Account Deletion Implications

When you delete your Bigo Live account:

  • Access: You will lose access to your account. This means you cannot reactivate or use the account again.
  • Content: All your profile information, including photos, videos, messages, comments, and other digital contents like gifts and visual currency, will be permanently deleted.
  • Followers: You will lose all followers and any levels or privileges you’ve earned.
  • Purchases: Any props or in-app purchases such as gifts you’ve acquired will be lost with no option for recovery.

Data Retention After Deletion

Upon deletion of your Bigo Live account:

  • Retention: Bigo Live does not retain your personal data. Once deleted, your information cannot be restored.
  • Privacy: Deleting your account erases personal data which can prevent misuse or privacy breaches. You take control of your digital presence by ensuring your data is no longer held by the app.

How To Delete Bigo Live Account

Deleting your Bigo Live account involves a few important steps that ensure the removal of your personal data from the platform. It is a permanent action; thus, it’s crucial to follow these procedures accurately.

Step 1: Accessing Bigo Live Account Settings

To begin the deletion process, you need to access your account settings within the Bigo Live app. Once you have logged in, navigate to the ‘Account Management’ or ‘Settings’ section of the app. Here, you will find various options related to your account.

Step 2: Submitting a Deletion Request

Within the account settings, look for an option labelled Delete Account or similar. Select this option and you will typically be prompted to verify your identity. This may require confirming your email address or phone number, based on the details you used during registration.

Step 3: Confirming Account Deletion

After submitting your deletion request, you will receive a confirmation message or email from Bigo Live. It’s important to carefully read this, as it may contain final steps or information about the deletion timeline. Confirm the deletion if required to finalize the process.


It is crucial to ensure that prior to deletion, any credits or properties associated with your account are managed appropriately. Unwithdrawn balances should be dealt with, as access to the account will not be available once the deletion process is completed. To delete your Bigo Live account, you will typically need to follow a series of steps which may involve navigating to the settings menu of the app, confirming your identity, and requesting the permanent removal of your account. The process may slightly differ depending on the device and version of the app you are using, but the fundamental steps remain consistent across platforms.

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