How to Play Pocket Mortys Game With Recipes

Pocket Mortys is the adventurous game based on the Pokemon game series. It was initially slated to be released on January 14, 2016, but was released on January 13,2016 a day earlier. On 5th July 2017 Pocket Morty’s introduced online multiplayer gaming. Pocket mortys is a very engaging and addictive game to play in any smartphone, computer or in laptops.With in a short period this game got millions of followers across the globe. Now we are going to guide you about How to Play Pocket Mortys game by using pocket mortys recipes , steps you need to follow while playing this game. Actually, this game was developed by massive component studio and printed by adult swim games.

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When Pocket Mortys game was initially launched in the market,it reached very rapidly to the audience/game lovers who show interest to play the online or offline games.Since this is new to market many players haven’t got the ideas  like how to win Pocket Morty’s game, how to catch mortys,other players and more.

How to play pocket MortysAnd How It Work’s

Pocket Morty’s is a game of battle between one morty to an other mortys.In this game you can earn or purchase the mortys when ever you need. You must have some extra mortys with you since you may not go to other steps without them. Below iam telling you about the Pocket Morty’s game step by step clearly.


  1. In this Pocket Morty’s game the chips play the major role when compared to all.It is necessary to capture a morty’s while playing the game.
  2. By using “morty manipulation chips” wild mortys can be captured.
  3. The screen turns into battle field when ever the player encounters a morty.
  4. You can select the maneuver to your morty to is in the battle.
  5. The game also depends upon the hit points.when the hit points of your mortys will become zero your morty won’t fight until you renew them.
  6. Also you will get the experience points(Exp’s) when you defeat the enemy mortys.
  7. After you get the enough exp’s,then you will go to the next level.
  8. You can use two mortys at the same time when ever you need any help.
  9. When you catch a wild morty by using morty manipulation chips.the “wild morty” will be under your control.

These are the some simple and important aspects of the how to play pocket mortys game.

How do I get Morty Manipulator Chips to capture additional Pocket Mortys?

  • Morty Manipulator Chips will rarely appear in Salesman Rick’s Shop for $500 once you win the first 3 badges.
  • You can craft Morty Manipulator Chips using the below pocket mortys recipes. You can see more crafting recipes in the following steps.

First of all for crafting a Morty Manipulator Chip you need a Supercharged Battery.

Supercharged Battery Recipe is the combination of Battery,Turbulent Juice Tube,

Morty Manipulator Chip Recipe is the combination of Supercharged Battery ,Circuit Board and Tin Can


Conclusion: In the above guide on how to play pocket mortys game, we have provided all the information regarding the pocket mortys game.For more information, stay in touch with our blog and if you have any queries about the game you can ask your queries in the comment section below of by the contact us page.


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