How To Protect Bigo Live Account From Bigo Live BAN !

Guys, i thought my previous article helped a lot to get a good amount of money using my trick.if your new to this website then check coming to the point, i already told you to don’t use fake tricks and I also said you will get ban from bigo if your account banned from bigo live then you must need read this article check below steps and apply on your account to get unbanned.

How to Get Unbanned From Bigo Live Account

Yeah, many people are asking about this question today i came to clarify your problem.for banned users, bigo live giving one more chance to get unban from them.for unbanning your account then you need to mail then and request you appeal to them.if they accepted your appeal then you can reuse your bigo live account, otherwise you need to start your bigo live career from I am giving 3 working tips below so follow those.

  1. Fist write your appeal like professional and  also try to convince them with your words(this is all about your talent 😉 )Try to write your
  2. Try to write your appeal mail more length i mean more than 500words
  3. You need to Think like very intelligent mind to convince them.

How to Protect Your Bigo Live Account

If you really want to make more money then you need to use only working tricks.don’t use fake this website, we are guiding only working tricks so you may read my here I am giving simple tips to protect your bigo live account from ban

  • You should have to try only working methods
  • And don’t use any fake method to get more beans
  • Try to do daily one line on bigo live

I hope this article helped a lot to protect your bigo live account.still, if you face any issue then comment below and get tips and tricks to recover your bigo live account.thanks for reading don’t forget to share this article with your bigos  🙂 .

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