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Social media has now taken over the world of communication. The craze between people who prefer to interact on Social media rather than over the call. Such craze inspires the app developer to use his or her creativity head to develop an app.

Bigo Live is a new social media phenomenon. The origin of the app developer company name is “Bigo Technology PVT LTD” based in the country across from Singapore. The live streaming Social Media network launched in March 2016. You can download the app for your Android and iOS smartphones or devices.

In a matter of days, the application has proven to beat the social media giant like Snapchat and others. Bigo Live functions are one of the contributing factors of why the app reached such heights within a short period because of faster video streaming capabilities and better image quality.

Bigo Live is currently ruling in Southeast Asian countries because it is free and it does a fabulous job when it comes to faster streaming functions and has good image quality.

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South Asia has always been on the radar for app developers because South Asia uses like to try new apps without hesitating and the potential market is where the users like to try new things. Instagram made it huge during its initial period because of the USA potential market.

Bigo Live currently standing on the top and the community accepting the latest solution for interacting.

Bigo Live Rules You Must Need To Follow

Since getting a salary from Bigo Live, not everyone can be an official broadcaster. Those who are interested must follow the selection first. Some of the requirements to become a broadcaster include guys or girls aged 16-30 years, have an attractive physical appearance, fun and communicative.

Bigo Live Rules, which you have to fill and they are,

  • The minimum age should be above 16, and the maximum age is below 30.
  • Gender does not matter, but the candidate should have an attractive physical appearance.
  • He or She should have communication skills and fun.
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The Benefit of bigo live?

Bigo Live is a Live Streaming Video interaction app, which comes with two roles Broadcaster and Viewer.  I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to get started and how you can connect with another user.

  • To become a broadcaster, you must have a smartphone with a working Front or Rear camera.  Since the majority of the viewers will be using the front camera and view your video, then it is must that you should have a working front camera enabled.
  • Since you are a broadcaster, you can do pretty much everything such as, from playing the guitar to cooking a dish. In simple words, you can use this feature to teach someone from a distance.
  • The point of creating the app is to ensure that your followers get to see your daily activity regularly LIVE. I know that this sound a little weird but yes, you can do that as well.
  • However, as you all are aware that users have now become very smart and the Broadcasters are now using the app to promote their products to showcase their singing abilities and more. It is a good platform to get instant viewers and also feedback as well.
  • But still, every new technology always has the potential to become a double-edged sword. So also with social media like Bigo Live. On the one hand, Bigo Live can provide a real positive effect for its users. Conversely, there is also a downside if someone is wrong in utilizing this streaming video application.


It’s no secret, and some broadcasters often indulge in activities that are vulgar and pornographic. Most broadcasters are women. Rumors are circulating, and they use Bigo Live to sell themselves.

Such activities are supported by the viewers, and often broadcasters are requested to perform such operations in Bigo Live. As of now, it is not considered as a wrong term. There is nothing wrong with the Bigo Live but using it wisely is the challenge.

How to Earn Money from Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is all about live broadcast, which is similar to the TV Channels, where they get paid based on the TRP or number of viewers. Bigo Live concept is analogous to the TV Channels. The earners are divided into two parts.

  1. An official broadcaster or Official Host.
  2. Regular Broadcaster.

There might sound similar but the nature of the both positions are vast, which means the Regular Broadcaster does not make any money from Bigo Live nor he can get to be part of the Official List.

Yes, anyone can be a broadcaster at the Bigo Live; however, not everyone can make it to the Official list. Those who are appointed or somehow managed to get into the official broadcaster are likely to get a monthly salary. We don’t have any information on how much the broadcasters make.

Can a Regular Broadvaster Generate Revenue?

Everyone wants to make money out of it. There is nothing wrong for a broadcaster who is fun to watch and the viewers enjoying his or her LIVE broadcasting generate revenue out of it.

Regular Broadcasters have the freedom to make money from the viewers. Yes, viewers have an option, where they can show their appreciation in the form of VIRTUAL GIFTS. The virtual gifts are not for free, and viewers have to pay for every gift they send it to you.

Each time you broadcast, the viewers have the chance to send you the gifts from the virtual store, and you should be able to receive them even after the LIVE Show has ended.

How Are Virtual Gifts Useful?

The first you have to keep in mind that every gift has a price tag to it. Each bigo live gift price is different for the users. Let’s assume if the viewer awards you a flower then it will cost him or her one dollar but if the audience gifts you a supercar then it cost over $3000 to the viewer.

You can redeem all of the gifts into real money later on. The prices of the virtual gifts depend on how much you are going to generate revenue.


Bigo Live is a fantastic app, which enables more than just a LIVE Broadcast. If a user uses it wisely then wonderful things can take place and one can turn hundreds into millions of dollars within a short period. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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