How To Buy Diamonds In Bigo Live Very Simple Method

Social media has taken things to another level, the level of communication has completely changed over the past decade. Where people use to read newspapers, watch tv and do more and we have devices and network where we can even watch live tv’s on social networking today we are talking about a very easy method to buy diamonds in bigo live.

Not only that, the line of first communication has gotten weak and the sales chart has dropped ever since Social Networking apps have come to existence.  Bigo Live is an app, where a new idea has implemented to make your life better. You can watch and broadcast your shows on the Bigo Live. The amazing quality of the app has enabled many entertainers, experts to train their viewers to live.

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However, you can even award the broadcasters, who are making an effort to entertain you and teach you new things LIVE. It takes a lot of effort to go live and explain things to make you feel comfortable and understand the concept better.

You can award your broadcasters with few Virtual gifts Diamonds, Beans and more, which will make the Broadcasters happy and thankful for your generosity. We are going to show you how you can buy and send gifts to your favorite bigo live live broadcasting.

How to Buy Diamond at Bigo Live And Also for Free?

We are going to cover the topic step-by-step, so make sure to follow the steps in order buy diamonds on Bigo Live.

Step 1: Go to your account or profile.

Step 2: Locate “Diamond” and click on the Diamond option.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the another tab. You will be able to see your current diamond. You can buy it from that very tab.

Step 4: As you can see, there are several ways you can pay to get few diamonds.

  • You can use both Debit/Credit, but you must have a VISA or Mastercard.
  • CODA pay is also supported.
  • MOL Online.
  • MOL Points.
  • If everything fails, then Google Wallet comes to the action.

Step 5: Once you tap on the payment method, the packages will appear. You have to select from the four different packages.

  • 60 – $0.99
  • 424 – $6.99
  • 1212 – $19.99
  • 5454 – $89.99

Step 6: Follow the payment steps, and then you will be redirected to the following page.

If you are using Google Wallet, then it would take only a few minutes to upload the money and start buying the Diamonds and Beans from the bigo live store.

Conclusion Of Bigo Live Diamonds

Bigo Live has made it to the top of the list and they have not looked back to this date. If you want to take Live Broadcasting to another level then Bigo Live is the right spot. Shoot your opinions and experience in the comments section down below about Buy Diamonds and beans in bigo live.

[Simple] How To Exchange Bigo Live Beans, Diamonds Into Real Money $$

Social Networking has become the first solution for connecting to the family and friends from around the world. Distance is no longer matters and taking things to another level is what creators are working on. The world has seen the evolution of Social Networking making the face of communication and connecting to the world from one source today you will learn about exchange bigo live beans and diamonds into real money.

Bigo live is another platform, which enables users called “Broadcasters,” who can start a live feed anytime they wish for and allows them to show the content to the viewers. As we know that not everyone wants to do it for free. Bigo Live also enabled an option, where the broadcasters can make money from the viewers.When the fans value your broadcasts, you start earning from the fans.for more info read below information.

How to Convert Diamond and Beans Bigo live to Real Money?

Like I have mentioned before, when you go LIVE, the fans can send you gifts, which are real money for you. You can collect that money into your Bigo Live account for a particular period and then you can redeem that gifts into real money. The Bigo Live will transfer the money to your account within seven working business days.

At first, you have to understand the value of DIAMONDS in the Bigo Live. If you are wondering, how much you can expect to make, then you should know the value of the each diamond and how much you can get from some diamonds in your account.

  • 60 Diamond = $0.99
  • 424 Diamond = $6.99
  • 1212 Diamond = $19.99
  • 5454 Diamond = $89.99

Once you have generated a specific number of diamonds, then you have to go to your account and fill up the BIOdata. Once you are done with the precise steps, then you will be allowed to convert the DIAMONDS to real money.

Exchange Bigo Live Beans Into Real Money

The method also applies to the BEANS to Money conversion as well, so you don’t have to go through any other alternative methods. The process is incredibly simple, and you can even go through the HELP section for further assistance.

6,700 beans=US$32

890,000 beans=US$4,200

Bigo Live Virtual Gifts

Bigo Live allows the viewers to send you gifts. There is a virtual store available in the Bigo Live, where the viewers or fans are allowed to send you virtual gifts. The gifts are not for free of cost, and the viewers will be charged for the gifts. The store is filled with different types of gifts such as a Bike, Flower, Beans, Diamond and even supercar. The prices of each award value are different from one and another.

In case, if a fan gifts you a flower then you will receive $1 worth of a flower. The prices of the gift vary from the gift, and there are little to high priced items in the virtual store. In case, if a fan gifts you a supercar then the worth of a car is above $3000, which you will get around 90% of it.


If you are not aware of the Official Broadcaster then they are allowed to receive from the fans and as well as they get a monthly salary. We would like to know your opinion in the comment section down below.