[Simple] How To Exchange Bigo Live Beans, Diamonds Into Real Money $$

Social Networking has become the first solution for connecting to the family and friends from around the world. Distance is no longer matters and taking things to another level is what creators are working on. The world has seen the evolution of Social Networking making the face of communication and connecting to the world from one source today you will learn about exchange bigo live beans and diamonds into real money.

Bigo live is another platform, which enables users called “Broadcasters,” who can start a live feed anytime they wish for and allows them to show the content to the viewers. As we know that not everyone wants to do it for free. Bigo Live also enabled an option, where the broadcasters can make money from the viewers.When the fans value your broadcasts, you start earning from the fans.for more info read below information.

How to Convert Diamond and Beans Bigo live to Real Money?

Like I have mentioned before, when you go LIVE, the fans can send you gifts, which are real money for you. You can collect that money into your Bigo Live account for a particular period and then you can redeem that gifts into real money. The Bigo Live will transfer the money to your account within seven working business days.

At first, you have to understand the value of DIAMONDS in the Bigo Live. If you are wondering, how much you can expect to make, then you should know the value of the each diamond and how much you can get from some diamonds in your account.

  • 60 Diamond = $0.99
  • 424 Diamond = $6.99
  • 1212 Diamond = $19.99
  • 5454 Diamond = $89.99

Once you have generated a specific number of diamonds, then you have to go to your account and fill up the BIOdata. Once you are done with the precise steps, then you will be allowed to convert the DIAMONDS to real money.

Exchange Bigo Live Beans Into Real Money

The method also applies to the BEANS to Money conversion as well, so you don’t have to go through any other alternative methods. The process is incredibly simple, and you can even go through the HELP section for further assistance.

6,700 beans=US$32

890,000 beans=US$4,200

Bigo Live Virtual Gifts

Bigo Live allows the viewers to send you gifts. There is a virtual store available in the Bigo Live, where the viewers or fans are allowed to send you virtual gifts. The gifts are not for free of cost, and the viewers will be charged for the gifts. The store is filled with different types of gifts such as a Bike, Flower, Beans, Diamond and even supercar. The prices of each award value are different from one and another.

In case, if a fan gifts you a flower then you will receive $1 worth of a flower. The prices of the gift vary from the gift, and there are little to high priced items in the virtual store. In case, if a fan gifts you a supercar then the worth of a car is above $3000, which you will get around 90% of it.


If you are not aware of the Official Broadcaster then they are allowed to receive from the fans and as well as they get a monthly salary. We would like to know your opinion in the comment section down below.

Follow Bigo live Rules And Benefits Make More Money Freely

Social media has now taken over the world of communication. The craze between people who prefer to interact on Social media rather than over the call. Such craze inspires the app developer to use his or her creativity head to develop an app.

Bigo Live is a new social media phenomenon. The origin of the app developer company name is “Bigo Technology PVT LTD” based in the country across from Singapore. The live streaming Social Media network launched in March 2016. You can download the app for your Android and iOS smartphones or devices.

In a matter of days, the application has proven to beat the social media giant like Snapchat and others. Bigo Live functions are one of the contributing factors of why the app reached such heights within a short period because of faster video streaming capabilities and better image quality.

Bigo Live is currently ruling in Southeast Asian countries because it is free and it does a fabulous job when it comes to faster streaming functions and has good image quality.

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South Asia has always been on the radar for app developers because South Asia uses like to try new apps without hesitating and the potential market is where the users like to try new things. Instagram made it huge during its initial period because of the USA potential market.

Bigo Live currently standing on the top and the community accepting the latest solution for interacting.

Bigo Live Rules You Must Need To Follow

Since getting a salary from Bigo Live, not everyone can be an official broadcaster. Those who are interested must follow the selection first. Some of the requirements to become a broadcaster include guys or girls aged 16-30 years, have an attractive physical appearance, fun and communicative.

Bigo Live Rules, which you have to fill and they are,

  • The minimum age should be above 16, and the maximum age is below 30.
  • Gender does not matter, but the candidate should have an attractive physical appearance.
  • He or She should have communication skills and fun.
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The Benefit of bigo live?

Bigo Live is a Live Streaming Video interaction app, which comes with two roles Broadcaster and Viewer.  I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to get started and how you can connect with another user.

  • To become a broadcaster, you must have a smartphone with a working Front or Rear camera.  Since the majority of the viewers will be using the front camera and view your video, then it is must that you should have a working front camera enabled.
  • Since you are a broadcaster, you can do pretty much everything such as, from playing the guitar to cooking a dish. In simple words, you can use this feature to teach someone from a distance.
  • The point of creating the app is to ensure that your followers get to see your daily activity regularly LIVE. I know that this sound a little weird but yes, you can do that as well.
  • However, as you all are aware that users have now become very smart and the Broadcasters are now using the app to promote their products to showcase their singing abilities and more. It is a good platform to get instant viewers and also feedback as well.
  • But still, every new technology always has the potential to become a double-edged sword. So also with social media like Bigo Live. On the one hand, Bigo Live can provide a real positive effect for its users. Conversely, there is also a downside if someone is wrong in utilizing this streaming video application.


It’s no secret, and some broadcasters often indulge in activities that are vulgar and pornographic. Most broadcasters are women. Rumors are circulating, and they use Bigo Live to sell themselves.

Such activities are supported by the viewers, and often broadcasters are requested to perform such operations in Bigo Live. As of now, it is not considered as a wrong term. There is nothing wrong with the Bigo Live but using it wisely is the challenge.

How to Earn Money from Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is all about live broadcast, which is similar to the TV Channels, where they get paid based on the TRP or number of viewers. Bigo Live concept is analogous to the TV Channels. The earners are divided into two parts.

  1. An official broadcaster or Official Host.
  2. Regular Broadcaster.

There might sound similar but the nature of the both positions are vast, which means the Regular Broadcaster does not make any money from Bigo Live nor he can get to be part of the Official List.

Yes, anyone can be a broadcaster at the Bigo Live; however, not everyone can make it to the Official list. Those who are appointed or somehow managed to get into the official broadcaster are likely to get a monthly salary. We don’t have any information on how much the broadcasters make.

Can a Regular Broadvaster Generate Revenue?

Everyone wants to make money out of it. There is nothing wrong for a broadcaster who is fun to watch and the viewers enjoying his or her LIVE broadcasting generate revenue out of it.

Regular Broadcasters have the freedom to make money from the viewers. Yes, viewers have an option, where they can show their appreciation in the form of VIRTUAL GIFTS. The virtual gifts are not for free, and viewers have to pay for every gift they send it to you.

Each time you broadcast, the viewers have the chance to send you the gifts from the virtual store, and you should be able to receive them even after the LIVE Show has ended.

How Are Virtual Gifts Useful?

The first you have to keep in mind that every gift has a price tag to it. Each bigo live gift price is different for the users. Let’s assume if the viewer awards you a flower then it will cost him or her one dollar but if the audience gifts you a supercar then it cost over $3000 to the viewer.

You can redeem all of the gifts into real money later on. The prices of the virtual gifts depend on how much you are going to generate revenue.


Bigo Live is a fantastic app, which enables more than just a LIVE Broadcast. If a user uses it wisely then wonderful things can take place and one can turn hundreds into millions of dollars within a short period. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

4 Tips For How To Make Money With Bigo Live Application

I think most of the people do not know about make money with bigo live. bigo app is one of the popular social media live broadcasting app.so if we choose this app for make money from online then maximum chances are there to earn money using bigo live. Bigo live application launched for people who have good skill and knowledge and they’re not able to prove talent in public. so for that kind of peoples bigo live pc application released. This application we can use in Android, IOS, Blackberry and even  PC also with single pay penny. This is the good advantage to make money with bigo live app without investment. In this article you will know about how to make money with bigo live app. and also am covering some topics and tips to get bigo live unlimited diamonds, beans, and followers too. before start this method you need to install bigo live app.after that sign-up process for detailed info here.

we noticed may be your not satisfied with below method so we are removed that old method added new one.check out below and make money without limit.from my side suggestion just use bigo app for fashion, not for money.otherwise, you will no longer connect with bigo application

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Requirements To Make Money With Bigo Live App

i was personally suggesting you use good Mega Pixel having the camera for good appearance.
Check below 3 main requirements to earn more money with bigo live.
Minimum Camera quality 8MEga Pixel.
2Gb ram.
Good Internet Speed(minimum 3G).
This is the important requirement for making huge amount money using bigo app.that arr talent, factors skills or Attitude or Beautifully Look. Those are factors to make money using bigo live.
some peoples are try to get unlimited diamonds using some tricks but those are not work longer.if you want to make money live long then follow below steps. I am sure you will earn 200$ per day if you have good skills. why we need to wait lets start the original procedure.

What Is The Process To Make Money With Bigo Live

in bigo live while doing live broadcast we can able to see some features on the screen such as diamonds, b eans and How many peoples are watching our live.in that 3 features using two features we can make money on bigo live app that are beans and diamonds.if we getting good amount of beans and diamonds then we can make money very easily.because that 2 features participating the main role to make money in bigo live broadcasting app.check the process below to detailed information.

How To Make Money With Bigo Live App

👉First download bigo live app and install it on your android, IOS or pC eighter anything.

Bigo Live Original

👉Complete the registation process and setup your profile picture and fill the profile details.

Bigo Live Registration

👉Now propare your topic and and then click middle button to start live.

bigo live live broadcasting

👉Now you can abserve below pic there are 3 options 1 is active live viewer and 2nd one is diamons 3rd one is beans.Note: we can covert bians to diamonds and diamonds to beans.

bigo live Level

Note: we can get convert beans to diamonds and diamonds to beans as well.

👉 After completation of live you can check your live reports such as total live viewer and beans and diamonds.for example check above screen shot

👉One we reach minimum payout money then you can send money to your bank from bigo live app.

Tips and Tricks to Make Money With Bigo Live Application

Tip1#👉Use female image 😛 in your bigo live profile beacose mostly boys will attract that kind of lives. 🙂

Tip2#👉Provide usefull information to live visiter.it will be good advantage to make regular followers. (Y)

Tip3#👉Try to Do atleast 1 live daily it will make your profile authority and your will get good amount of beans and diamonds event points too.

Tip4#👉Try to increse your level bigo live app giving prefarence to who having good level stage. (Y)

Conclusion OF Make money with Bigo Live app

Friends in that article i explaned fully guenue way to make money.and i also covered tips and tricks and how to make money with bigo live process to.so follow all steps and make big amount of money.remember bigo live not only for make money purpose we can also make good amount of followrs by using bigo live.it means if we have more folloer then we are future big celebratys.thanks for reading this article if you have any doubts regarding this then put your doubt in comment box.

Bigo Live PC Download For Windows 7/8.1/10/XP

Download Bigo Live For Windows 7/8.1/10/XP

Bigo Live PC: Hai Guys, today let’s discuss an app that helps you to interact with the people around the world. This is a kind of app that helps you to show you the talent to the entire world just sitting your house and just by clicking on the button. This app is available for all the Android mobiles, and the app name is Bigo Love app.  This app will help you a lot to show your talent to the entire world. Now a day every TV Channel is encouraging the young stars to show their talent in the live show. But only the selected people can get on to the stage due to some reasons. For such kind of people, there is the best place show their talent that is Bigo Live. There are many other apps like this but out of all this is the best app for mobile. Just not only for mobiles you can use the app from your PC also by downloading Bigo Live PCThis is easy to use anyone can understand it very easily. This Bigo app is developed but Bigo Technology’s which is located in Singapore.

Now, am going to show you how to download Bigo Live for apk, Windows PC, Mac, and in BlackBerry. But, I will start with telling you how to download Bigo Live in Windows PC. Since downloading in mobile is the easy way I will explain it in the last.

some people asking about download video so that why we are updated detailed information about that process just go to this link and follow instructions and get any with on your mobile.that is an simple easy steps process after used that still feel hard then just write a comment in below comment box we will find another solution for that

How To Download Bigo Live PC App in Windows:

For downloading Bigo Live app, you need to have one more software in your PC that is Nox Player Android emulator. This is a third party software. Before installing the Bigo Live Pc, you need to install this software. So, now am going to tell you how to install the Nox Player android emulator on your PC. You can download this software from the official site of Nox Player.

  • Download Nox Player software.
  • Double click on the software to run the applications.
  • It takes some time for installing so wait until it is installed.

But before installing the Nox Player on your PC make sure that your PC is having required configurations on the PC so that when the Nox Playeris installed its does not slow down your PC.

5#Required Configurations for Installing Nox Player:

  • Your PC must need to have OS based on Windows and Mac.
  • And also must have ram that is 2GB.
  • Your system must provide a disk space of at least 30GB.
  • Your system should have a better graphic support to run the Bigo Live application.
  • You must have a webcam, and the PC must be connected to the speakers so that you can interact properly with the people around the world.

4#Steps To Download Bigo Live in Windows PC:

  • First, you need to open the Nox Player application.
  • bigo live ss
  • After that, you will see a home screen in the applications, and there will be a search bar in that particular home screen.
  • Google Play Store KOPLAYER
  • In the search bar, you need to type Bigo Live and search for the app.
  • After finding the app, you need to click on Install Button.and every thing is done it wil look like below

After finishing the Installations, you need to open the Bigo Live app. You need to SignUp in the application using Facebook, and Google+ are your mobile number. After registering only you can use you the features that are present in the application. Right after registering into the Bigo Live App you can enjoy using the application on your PC.

Bigo Live App For Android Mob Free Download

Bigo live app: this Android application is helping people who have good talent to show many peoples. Nowadays many peoples are using this bigo live app to show their talent to the world. If you have good talent in music, karate, workout, yoga, beauty tips, fitness, dance, and anything you can show talent to entire the world.This app is giving the good feature to who have good skills in their profession.you also want to show your talent then follow below steps.Before that let me tell some great features in bigo live application.Using this app we can start to live streaming within seconds just turn on your mobile open bigo live live broadcasting app then click on live button boom 🙂 your live streaming will start.This is a single step process to do this thing.we can use this big app very easy even kids can understand this app very easily.So no need to worry about how to operate this app. now start the Bigo live apk for Android.

hey friends do you know now they launched new version that more good than the previous version.so if you still not update then do that first.

Bigo TV apk Download For Android enjoy live broadcasting

To use perfectly and download bigo live we need below four things.

1)Internet Connection

2)RAM 2gb

3)Camera Megapixel min 8 megapixel

4)Min 400MB internal storage for using this app smoothly

Bigo Live APK

Everyone already knows if we want to download something from the internet we need the internet.For download bigo live apk, we need 3G or 4G internet because while doing live performance people need to identify your face and no buffering while doing performance otherwise people can’t understand what you are doing.So at least 3g internet I prefer.

Now coming to the RAM this is a most important thing to run bigo live smoothly. Otherwise, we face phone hang.

The camera is the most important thing to use this application because without the camera no one can’t see your performance so minimum 8Mega pixel ok.

Internal store it will store our live streaming videos and chat messages securely. This is also one of the most important things to run Bigo live smoothly.

Bigo Live Video

Feature of Bigo Live Apk video call Application

Start you live anytime anywhere just we need only internet connection, good camera quality, and microphone

Without micro its create the sound issue so Use the microphone when you turn on your bigo live video streaming.

In the Bigo live Just 1second process to start your live in the bigo live app.

There are created one feature that is level.If we cross 50 live watches, then we can enter to level 2.in level 2 we need to cross 100 live watches.In my paint of views, its seems live game.

Then you can use that diamonds for promotion your videos and get the more paid follower.In Facebook we can see like here, we can see diamonds instead of likes that are the difference.If we get more diamonds and beans, then our live reached many peoples, and they are showing interest to our lives.

After you had ended live they this application give detailed information about how many members are watching your live and how many diamonds you got.

Bigo live application will be giving some crazy gifts to good users; gifts means live diamonds

In the Bigo Chat, we can send some goodly designed stickers and animated pictures and much more.

This good number of the feature are coming inbuilt, so it’s worth application in my point of view.

If we get more diamonds and beans, then our live reached many peoples, and they are showing interest to our bigo lives.Once you get the good response, then start doing the similar live with a different.

How to Download Bigo Live Apk In android mobile

Bigo live giving two options to download the application.Those ways are very good and secured. 1)download from official website 2) download from google play store.In the section, I am explaining two-ways in depth.So guys no need to worry about this.iam telling simple and just one click process to download bigo live.As I said earlier what are the requirements need to download this app.now you need to see only steps what I am doing have a look below.

Method1: Go to Google.com and then enter this keyword Bigo Live. After this, ten results will appear then go with bigolive.com.

bigo live Online

On that website there are two files will appear one is Bigo live PC download and another one is bigo live app download.

bigo liveAPK

So choose Apk Download, and its will be redirected to Download page then click enter then its will start download.bigo live App download

After completion of the download, we can use this app after sign up.

Method2: This is regular, and easy way play store download method.In any Android mobile google play store available because it’s an inbuilt application.

Bigo live playstore

Open that app and enter Bigo live(note some Fake application will be there), so we need to check that official application or not.

For this just see the logo and verified mark on that application meta description and enough.Now open that app and click on install.Within few seconds download will be complete.Now you can use that app with pay single $.

bigo live apk download

Bigo Live app live is same social media type, but in this, some cool new features are there like live streaming while doing live we can get some starts and golds if you get more starts and more golds its will helps to your live level increase. And you can also see how many members are watching your live and they will give reactions with some stickers and direct text.this is the main advantage of bigo live. But in FB people who have your friend they can see your live but in bigo lives anyone can watch your live and then can also able to react your video.

Friends do not miss this opportunity to prove your talent.this app is not only for live streaming but also for chatting and sharing our thoughts.By using this app we can make a huge amount of fans and then divert them into another source like youtube and facebook.hope you cleared all doubts after reading this article keep following our bigo live apk updates.